SmileAbroadCo's timeline

By Rodolfo Funes


It can make us do incredible things; break world records, perform courageous feats, and what was impossible has become possible because of fear.

Or. . .

It can cause us to freeze; to forego an opportunity to break our personal glass ceiling, to give up, or to not even try at all.

The difference: Choice. At least that’s what I believe, and that’s where our story begins.

It’s January 2018, and our founders: Lucia Romo, Giovanna Abramo, Jacob Barrera, Daniel Maldonado and Rafael Alcaraz are in a Biomedical Engineering design class with an objective to solve a medical or health issue. It is here that Medico: A medical tourism platform was born and the foundation for SmileAbroadCo was laid. Thanks to their hard work, we have SmileAbroadCo today.

So what does it take to make it, to succeed? We believe Jerry Rice sums it up perfectly:

"Today I will do what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t"

By November, what would become the SmileAbroadCo team, had been invited to present the “pitch” at prestigious competitions all over the continent. Spearheaded by Lucia, the team secured scholarships and won prestigious awards including “top 5 start-ups” in the Paypal challenge!

But no new venture can grow without its ability to adapt to change, to embrace fear, and to evolve with the needs of its clients, your needs. This is where Roberto Peña, V.P. of National Operations, and Rodolfo Funes, V.P. of International Development, come in. It is thanks to the team members, some of which have moved on, that SmileAbroadCo has become what it is today: Your helping hand at home and abroad.

The team continues to choose to work hard, to persist, to adapt in order to ensure that your needs are met. Finding the best deals, providing you with the security you need to be feel safe in their hands, and connecting you with approved specialist inside the SmileAbroadCo network – a pre-screened network of medical professionals that will exceed your expectations – all located in Mexico’s top Medical city, Monterrey

So where does that leave us with fear?

As a team, we have been afraid to launch, meticulously planning as to ensure that every detail is looked after, and no loose-ends remain. We have been afraid to act, but no longer, for fear has compelled us to act. And so, without further ado, we are proud to finally unveil our logo: SmileAbroadCo. - A medical tourism company.

We are your helping hand at home and abroad, we have taken that leap into the unknown so that you don’t have to. We believe that we are innovating the road of the future of health services – Medical Tourism is here to stay.

And as the SmileAbroadCo team, we invite you to come and see for yourself what Mexico has to offer you: Savings, Sunshine, and the Assurance that your health is in good hands.

Come and enjoy the SmileAbroadCo Advantage!