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At SmileAbroad we help you find the ideal Dental Health Specialist Treatment. We facilitate the process of your experience abroad by creating a personalized itinerary and establishing a connection with a pre-screened practitioner.

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Our Values

We are innovative

We leverage technological factors and our local expertise to make the “impossible” happen. These key ingredients are essential to ensure you a great experience with SmileAbroad

We believe in a community

Helping one another to ensure mutual success as individuals and as a community. This is why SmileAbroad exists, we believe that healthcare should be easily accessible and affordable. Our health experts are here to serve you, and for every service purchased, we provide a similar service for children in developing nations.

Our service pledge

We pledge to provide you with a healing, safe, and enjoyable experience. We will adhere to continuous improvement practices and provide you with friendly and talented service to help you every step of the way.

How It Works

Step 1 - Contact Us!

Your connection to easy and affordable healthcare

Let us take the stress away!
After all, isn't that what a good neighbor is all about?
To begin your journey send us a
message through our website

Step 2 - Personalized Plan

Receive a personalized plan which includes:

  • Dentist's profile
  • Estimated cost and days abroad for your dental treatment
  • Accommodation options
  • Touristic recommendations and exclusive coupons
  • SmileAbroad services: Transportation to and from the airport and between your appointments.
  • Total savings

Step 3 - Help us help you!

Provide us your dental studies to help our certified specialist abroad define your personal treatment. (e.g Digital Dental Panorama, Dental Cone Beam CT, Radiography, etc).

Step 4 - Payment

The payment is divided in two different sections

  • The deposit: part of the deposit is a security for the dentist to secure your place an appointment. The other, is to book your hotel, tourist activities and transportation services.
  • Final payment: is the remaining amount and must be provided once you have arrived at the dental clinic.

Step 5 - Are you ready? Receive your agenda

NeighborHealth will provide your personalized itinerary, which includes:

  • Your chosen accommodation reservation.
  • Your exclusive codes for tourist attractions.
  • Recommendation of places to eat in the zone.
  • SmileAbroad representative that will assist you during your stay.

Your personalized itinerary will arrive before you set out on your trip, so your family and friends will always know where and how to keep in contact with you.


SmileAbroad's payment is divided in two different sections:

Before Arrival


This is used to secure your spot for the dentist and to book your hotel and desired activities during your stay.


Prior to Treatment – While in Mexico

Final Payment
This is the remaining amount and is to be provided once you’ve arrived at the clinic for your treatment.

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SmileAbroad, a more transparent way. Your helping hand at home and abroad.

The SmileAbroad Journey

Healthcare for everyone

SmileAbroad is funded by individuals who believe that healthcare should be easily accessible and affordable for all.

Tried and Tested

SmileAbroad has undergone Plug and Play Bootcamp, the largest startup accelerator in the world.

the SmileAbroad Certified Network

SmileAbroad takes away the anxiety associated with trip planning. We have pre-screened specialists and provide you only with top-rated practicioners from across Mexico.

Ready For You!

We have sorted out the kinks, and are ready to welcome you on your SmileAbroad Experience to Mexico!